Io Bechir @ dathúil

Opening on January 3rd, at 1 pm SLT (4 pm EST), as the first exhibit of 2016 at the Dathúil Gallery of Art is Io Bechir’s “i.avatar”.


i.avatar is a marvelous introspective look by Io of her experience in SL for the past three years, with this show she invites us to explore and identify with some of what she has experienced, in a way so engaging that leaves us wondering and perhaps walking down memory lane to remember some of our own experiences.

Io Bechir’s “i.avatar” @ dathúil

“The Work I’m displaying in i.avatar is a simple, autobriographical document. My hope is to communicate my impressions with regard to my experiences here over the past three years.” Io says about her show.

While walking through the space, in the way the photos are displayed you can almost see the progression of different emotional stages in Io’s work, the darkness, the light, the stepping through challenges, the love and loss. All of this displayed in such a manner that by the end it leaves us with a feeling of intrigue as to what comes next.


Don’t miss this interesting show on display until January 30. Visit dathúil.

Find more of Io’s wonderful work on her Flickr Stream.




Io Bechir @ dathúil